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My posts have been a bit all over the place lately.  I find myself pondering that this morning as I was about to shift gears again on you after my last post was about women and the glass ceiling.  So before I make the hard left turn I need to remind myself as well as my readers where I’m coming from.

Again, this blog is about women finding, exploring, discovering, and celebrating their strength.  We do this over time.  We do this by trial and error.  We make mistakes and we hopefully learn from those mistakes and it makes us stronger.  We learn to let go of things and pick and choose our battles.  That makes us wiser….stronger.  We find our voices– no longer content to sit on the sidelines of life–but rather we want to be a full participant.  This blog is also about grace.  Finding our strength but not abusing it or others as we find it.  Allowing others to retain their dignity and find their own path to wisdom–realizing that our way may not be theirs and that’s OK.

There are so many topics to talk about–work–personal–faith–spirituality–health–children–families–passions–mistakes–careers–death–letting go–making changes–finding peace.  You name it, it likely has an impact on strength with grace.  When you combine that with the fact that I’ve been negligent in my “at least four posts a week” goal, then it does seem like I move all over the place with my thoughts.  Which those of you who know me know that…I MOVE ALL OVER THE PLACE WITH MY THOUGHTS  🙂

Anyway, here I go again.  I find myself feeling restless–AGAIN.  Maybe that’s another reason I’m shifting gears.  The last week or so, I’ve been waking up restless.  I found myself reflecting on it this morning and that movie Chocolat came to mind.  Have you seen it?  If not, I highly, highly recommend it.  Here’s a youtube video that gives you a little taste (pardon the pun):  Chocolat video clip

The female lead moves her and her daughter around when the “winds come  from the North” and off she goes to another new town to set up shop and try to fit in.  I’m feeling like that woman right now…like the winds are blowing out of the north and I’m not sure where I’m going.  I find myself examining why.  I think there are multiple causes.

 The Penn State situation is a big deal to me.  Penn State–not only where I got an education, but where I met friends who I still cherish to this day.  Not only where I studied Business Administration, but where I expanded on leadership experience by being a Resident Assistant.  Not only where I got an undergraduate education but where I returned a few years after graduation to obtain a graduate degree.  Not only where I attended countless football games, but where I studied my butt off to finish with a respectable GPA.  Not only where I worked a lot of hours on classes and the RA job, but where I partied till the wee hours of the morning, exercised, played intramural sports, attended movies, plays, musicals.  Not only where I took all that Penn State had to give me, but where I gave back through fund raisers, supporting THON dancers, conducting developmental programs for my fellow dorm house mates, serving on an advisory board currently…and so on.  Penn State IS and always HAS BEEN more than a football school.   To see it so royally abused by the media and the NCAA is almost too much to take.

Yep, there was significant wrongdoing.  SIGNIFICANT.  To expect not to have attention called to the situation would be as bad as the initial crimes that took place.  But, it feels like the pendulum has swung too far.  To read in the alumni magazine about people getting abused in other parts of the country for wearing their Penn State gear is not only unjust, but it’s a symptom of a bigger societal problem.  We are too quick to judge; too quick to believe media soundbites as gospel; too quick to condemn anyone affiliated with a school, or a political party, or a cause that we hear has done wrong in someway.  We look to blame…we have to have someone to hold responsible.  We do not allow that hindsight provides much more opportunity to understand than what the initial situation may have provided.  We judge.

That doesn’t feel very grace-filled to me.  I want to do something about it…but I’m not sure what other than reflect my thoughts here (and of course continue to attend the football games and cheer the players who are INNOCENT in this situation, even though we’re likely to have a pretty poor program for the foreseeable years to come).  I also hope this situation has taught me not to be one of those people that listen to the news soundbites…the broad and sometimes downright inaccurate representations of a situation…and believe them as the ultimate truth.  That I can do.

There are other reasons for my unrest…but perhaps they will wait for another day.  This entry is already pretty long.  I hope this Labor Day post finds you rested and relaxed and ready to continue in your personal journey of strength with grace.  Be well!!!



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