The Ongoing Grace of Girlfriends



Yesterday was supposed to be my last day of work–Friday The Thirteenth–and ironically three years to the day I started with the organization.  The last six weeks has been indescribable as I say good-bye to wave after wave of people I’ve come to care about.  When my work-through date had been identified several months ago, a girlfriend from a group of seven women who get together monthly suggested we go out for happy hour that evening.  I readily agreed knowing it was probably a healthy thing to spend the evening with people I care about and who care about me.

Somewhere in those intervening months the happy hour turned into a sleepover at a mountain cabin owned by the family of one of the ladies AND my work-through date changed to the end of the year.  But, not to be deterred from an opportunity to share some wine and laughs, we went forward with the gathering.

Thank God for girlfriends!  Not to minimize the importance of my guy friends (you know I love you, too!), but let me say it again…thank God for girlfriends!  Between the laughter and the tears (most of them coming from laughing so hard it hurt), we had a wonderful time with great food, wine, and conversation.  I read a spot-on quote that summarizes the relationship close girlfriends have:  “They know who you are and they like you anyway.”  How true!

I’ve come to treasure time away with close friends.  My college friends and I get together once a year, as well, and spend time updating each other on our lives, sharing our hopes and our fears, and just genuinely caring for and about one another.  As our family situations change with deaths of parents and maturing of children, relationships with friends become even more important to our overall well-being.


Think where man’s glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had such friends.         ~William Butler Yeats


Thank you–all of you–who follow this blog.  Many of you are close friends who have helped me immeasurably over the years.  I am so appreciative of YOU!










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