The Incomparable Dr. Jones

When I was a Resident Assistant at Penn State, my ultimate boss was a gentleman named Terrell Jones.  Terrell was an intelligent man with a very unique sense of humor.  He used stories and metaphors to teach lessons to those he came in contact with.  While I was there he secured his PhD, and after I left he was appointed to head Penn State’s Diversity and Inclusion area.

I would run into him from time to time, usually once every year or two at a dinner function or a bowl game, and he always made time to catch up with me.  So, I was dismayed earlier this year when a friend of mine and fellow Penn State RA told me he had passed away from cancer a little over a year ago.  I couldn’t fathom it; I didn’t want to believe it.  Too young.  Too talented.  Too much of a nice guy.  We lost another one too soon.

So today when I was browsing through my Twitter feeds I spotted one from Penn State that mentioned “Dr. Jones” and out of curiosity I clicked on it.  It was a YouTube video showing Terrell teaching in one of the big Forum classrooms utilizing his typical unique methods of connecting dots for students.

His subject was one we’ve discussed here on swogblog before–“letting go.”  But, his method of helping people to understand the power of why it’s so important was uniquely Terrell.  I encourage you to watch it and reflect on it.  And, as always, I welcome your insights and stories.


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