The Grace of Trust

By now you’re tired of hearing all about my Georgetown program but there were so many wonderful learnings and experiences.  So until you beg me to stop, onward I go!

On one morning during the last week of class, one of the Co-Directors produced this box of “Angel Cards.”  Have you ever seen them?  You can buy them on Amazon (as I discovered after the exercise), and they are these small little cards with one word on them along with a picture of an angel demonstrating the spirit of the word.  So words like “Authenticity,” “Wisdom,” “Risk,” “Healing,” “Joy,” “Awakening,” and so forth are written on one of these little cards and there are 72 of them.  So the Co-Director mixed them up and put them in their little box and then walked around the class and each of the 30 of us took a card.

Here’s the idea behind them as written on “The Original Angel Cards” pamphlet:

They provide you key words that help you focus on particular aspects of your inner life.  The more you think about the quality reflected by the word on a card, the more you will find the quality echoing in your life whether you pick freedom, grace, abundance or any of the 72 cards.

The Co-Director’s instructions were this:  “Pick one card.  It will be the perfect card for you at this moment in time.  Sit and reflect why you believe it is the perfect card for you right now and once everyone has a card, we’ll ask you to share your word and why it’s perfect for you at this moment in time.”

Well, you likely guessed from the title of this blog post that my word was TRUST.  And the angel was bowing to a unicorn (which, oh by the way, is the symbol for England–one of my favorite places in the world).

I sat and thought only a few moments.  It really came to me quite quickly.  I wrote it in my journal, shared my thoughts with the class that day and now share them with you here.  I said the following:

Trust that you are where you are supposed to be and who you are supposed to be right now.

I felt peace and still feel that sense of tranquility that everything which occurred throughout my life including these last seven to eight years has happened for the purpose of being right here, right now at this stage of development.  Do I feel I have arrived?  What is “arrival?”  Will I ever arrive?  Will any of us ever “arrive?”  Not likely.

What’s next–everyone asks me–now that Georgetown is winding down.  I don’t know.  And, I trust I’ll figure it out when I’m meant to know my next steps.

May trust and peace be yours today and always.





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