The Grace of New Year’s

Yep, it’s hard to believe but it’s that time of year again–New Year’s.  To make a resolution or not to make a resolution, THAT is the question.  After–harrumph–fifty plus years of New Year’s that question gets a little “old” don’t you think?

But, we never really stop changing, do we?  We never really stop growing, or at least I hope we don’t.  I’ve learned lessons in recent years which have modified my behavior, and I could never have learned those lessons in my earlier years before I started to experience life’s richness in the form of hardships and blessings.

The grace of a life well lived is that we evolve and grow in wisdom and perspective.  I’m sad that we Americans have lost the art of story telling.  I think that’s something our Irish, Scottish, German and Old Country ancestors possessed that helped younger folks understand life and lessons as they were experiencing them.  That’s why I think it’s so important to continue to read, watch movies, go to plays and so forth because life so often imitates art and we can learn much from the fictional heroes and villains that present themselves on the page, screen and stage.

And to that end, I can’t help but end this post with a wonderful quote out of one of the Harry Potter novels which I found in an article referenced on Twitter.




In case you have trouble expanding the picture it says, “It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.”  

Here’s to more “grow to be” in 2016.  Cheers!


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Learning is my passion and life is my classroom of lessons I experience along the way.

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Hear, hear! Happy New Year Bev! 🙂

Right back at ya, Pam!!!

Well said! Happy New Year to all!

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