The Grace of Halloween




I love Halloween–I’m not exactly sure what that says about my personality–but I do.  I love the magical/mysterious quality of the holiday.  The dressing up, the kids, the colors of black and gold.  So it’s no surprise one of my favorite seasonal poems goes like this:



Black And Gold

Everything is black and gold,
Black and gold, to-night:
Yellow pumpkins, yellow moon
Yellow candlelight;

Jet-black cats with golden eyes
Shadows black as ink,
Firelight blinking in the dark
With a yellow blink

Black and gold, black and gold
Nothing in between-
When the world turns black and gold
Then it’s Halloween!

Nancy Byrd Turner


Happy Halloween, Everybody!!!  🕷🕸🎃


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I love Halloween too! Too much going on and I know that’s what you’ve been writing about, in part. But I don’t have time to read about it because I’m “too busy”. Sheesh.

Enjoy the pumpkins, leaves and beautiful weather we’ve been having!


I love the Fall, my favorite season with pumpkins, leaves and beautiful weather. I love Halloween with kids dressed up in cute customs running from house to house to get their ‘candy fix’. But there is something about ME getting dressed up in a custom that I never enjoyed as a kid and refuse to do now. I think it is about being noticed – I like to blend into the woodwork.

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