The Grace of Challenging Old Ways

The Grace of Challenging Old Ways

Oh my.  It’s been a while and certainly a lot has happened.  A new job; a big move; saying “see ya” to important people in my life and “hello” to some new acquaintances.  I have bid welcome to a world of using GPS to do everything from finding my way to work to figuring out where to get groceries and fill prescriptions.  And welcome to changing everything from my hair stylist (sniff…she subscribes to this blog…I MISS YOU!!) to my doctors, to my pet sitter, to my veterinarian, to my food to, well everything.

But, even in a new place “old” habits form.  I realized that today when I went for a walk in my apartment complex.  Everyday I drive in the same way and make a quick right, then a quick left and park.  Then I walk the few steps into my apartment building and in my door to plop down on my couch.


So today is a gorgeous day in North Carolina–the calm before several more days of forecasted rain.  And, no, I wasn’t here for the hurricanes, but yes I was here for the 14 inches of snow.  Are you kidding me?

But, today (Saturday) is beautiful and I decided my routine is not only adding to my waist and hip measurements but it’s getting a little tiresome.  So I ventured out into the complex.  It’s not very big and it’s all apartments, but I discovered some things.  There are garages in here.  THOSE would have come in handy during that snowstorm.  There is a beautiful woods at the back of the complex.  There are sidewalks throughout so there’s no good excuse not to walk because I can do so safely.

When I discovered these things I reflected on the fact that no matter how many big changes I made, I still fell into habits of routine where I missed opportunities.  When I do that, I miss the chance for a new adventure.  When I am not conscious in my actions I can get pretty bored and pretty boring.

How, I wonder, does that apply to our thought patterns.  Remember our thoughts lead to our behaviors which lead to our outcomes.  I’m reading a book right now called Mastering Leadership and it’s brilliant.  It furthers the learnings on adult stage development that I’ve posted on in the past.  How many of us behave out of the reactive, fear-based tendencies of “complying,” “protecting,” and/or “controlling” versus out of a creative place of purpose and passion.  I’m in the midst of house hunting and I can tell you that my initial house hunting activities were driven out of a place of fear.  I found myself thinking things like, “I only have a couple months of temporary housing before I start paying for it;” and “I’m soon going to have to pay for my stuff in storage.”

So what?  So I ended up starting and stopping and running around in a panic and worrying my little head off.  And I still had not found a nice place to live.  Thoughts–>behaviors–>outcomes.  After speaking to a good friend (and amazing coach!) I realized I needed to shift to more creative space.  What’s my purpose?  How does that relate to finding a home?

Stay tuned and I’ll tell you all about it in the next post!

2019 here we come!

BTW, the picture above is taken from my new office building, The Leadership Institute,



  1. Sheila B

    So glad to see a post! Great insight my friend.

  2. Betsy Hohlfelder

    Missed your posts…so nice to hear from you again! Love the view from your office

  3. Bikki

    I missed your posts Bev so was so HAPPY to see one today! I will be reading it a couple of times, lots of great stuff to reflect on there…..

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