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Sorry swogbloggers!  My blog was down with technical difficulties (and some, quite frankly, blog-owner error difficulties) so I’m back and have a lot of catching up to do!

So, this post (below) will be a follow-up to my last entry with the video of the gentleman who held the sign and blindfolded himself.  There was a bunch of commenting done outside of the blog that I want to highlight for all readers to follow.

So here we go!!

Changing Our Operating System

The reason I’m writing about this theme is because all the work I’ve been doing over the past 5 years really comes down to this issue at the core.  Unless we change our operating system and how we view the world (issues, decisions, judgments), we can’t move to higher levels of adult stage development.

We stay stuck in the same way of thinking and processing information.  What’s wrong with that, you ask?  Well, judging by how things are going right now in our political arena, with security in our cities, with civility on social media, with the heroin epidemic, and so on, I think there are many reasons to advocate for a change in our way of thinking.

I’m not so naive to think this can take hold without some kind of major revolution.  There’s not enough people out there teaching this stuff, and our American society was formed on Western Culture values that still hold capitalism, winning at the expense of others, and accumulating wealth higher than most other things.  The interesting thing about that is when we leave this earth, we really can’t take those “things” with us.  We all get to a place of letting go, whether we want to or not.

So, bear with me as I stream other thought leaders on this core issue of changing the way we look at life.  Changing the way we make meaning of life.  Changing the way we make decisions.  Changing the way we communicate with one another.

I realized it was time to do this series after I entered a debate with one of you over my last blog post where I discussed Executive Orders issued recently.  I became so caught up in my argument that I lost touch with listening compassionately and empathetically.  I wanted to present evidence as to why the recent travel restrictions did not make sense and lost touch with the core message of that post.  We can help make America safe AND be careful not to discriminate.  So much in life does not have to be “EITHER/OR” or black and white.  We get so caught up in our polarized position being correct, that we allow no room for compromise.

That is what I think is playing out now in our national scene.  Both sides of this argument (notice dualistic thinking naturally says there are just TWO SIDES) think their position is correct.  So now, no one wants to compromise.  The “ban” is either ON or it’s OFF.  You are either “with me” or “against me.”  You are either on the “right side of this argument” or not.

Is picking one of these polar opposites the best way to proceed?  I don’t know–you must decide for yourself.  And we wonder why we just had a national election where one candidate won the electoral college and the other one won the popular vote.

I ended up only proving–through that stream of emails with one of my dear SMOGs– that I still have work to do.  So thank you–my dear SWOG follower– for getting me off the dime and tackling this core issue!


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