The Grace of a Legend

Well, my dear SWOG & SMOG’s, we lost a legend yesterday.  Mary Tyler Moore passed away at age 80.

Talk about a trend-setter.  She was the guiding star for strength with grace for my generation and the one before mine.  A beautiful woman with a resilient spirit who took on great causes like juvenile diabetes and equal treatment for women in the workplace.  And she did it all with such charm and grace.

Who can forget the opening to her Mary Tyler Moore show, “She’s going to make it after all?”  Well, our hats are flying off in tribute to you, Mary.  Rest well dear Strong Woman of Grace.


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I watched her shows over and over..loving all the characters. I also loved the way that she insisted on having the life she wanted, but did so with charm and grace and laughter. I felt like she was that older sister showing me the way. For that I will be forever grateful. She will be missed, but her legacy will live on in the millions of women and men who loved what she stood for.

Very true. Thank you!

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